Despite past financial failings, I’ve always had at least one good habit: I save every receipt, bill, statement, invoice, and memo that I receive.

For nearly fifteen years I’ve used the same low-tech system. At the end of the week, when I do my finances, I tuck my paperwork into a shoebox. When the shoebox is full, I place it in storage and start a new one.

I now believe this system is flawed. I’d like to move toward paperless personal finance, and thus would like to purge all this old stuff, keeping only the items I still need.

Tonight I gathered together every shoebox I could find. I had eleven of them. I dumped all of the papers into a single large box, and am now ready to begin sorting. My shredder is lubricated and ready to go. My scanner is eager to digitize important documents. Let the fun begin!

I promise to share any egregious examples of financial folly.

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