While organizing my text files this afternoon, I stumbled upon a batch of tips and tricks that got lost in the shuffle. Here are some clever ideas submitted by your fellow Get Rich Slowly readers:

Russell Heimlich wrote to share his method for organizing bank statements. He uses a three-ring binder, a stapler, and a hole-punch. I really like this method — it reminds me how we handle the finances at work. It’s a vast improvement over my system, which literally involves a series of shoeboxes.

Siri wrote to share John D. Rockefeller Jr.’s contract with his 14-year-old son for a weekly allowance. This document — from 1920 — is interesting because it shows the method a very, very rich man used to teach his offspring about money. His son was expected to:

  • Save
  • Contribute to charity
  • Keep a record of accounts
  • Be open and honest about purchases

Finally, Shabbir wrote to share a self-budgeting trick he’s developed: he uses Starbucks gift cards to budget spending on coffee. I think this is a rather clever idea. Take that, Latté Factor!