Here are some personal finance stories submitted by readers like you:

W.C. Varones pointed me to Dr. Housing Bubble’s article about the invisible mortgage hand, an analysis of a society that forces you into debt. The author looks at the cult of credit scores; the cost of cars, education, and housing; and at the median U.S. family income. “Is it any wonder that we are in a massive credit bubble?” he concludes. (Ignore the mega-annoying “ContentLink” ads — this is an interesting article.)

Here’s a large list of free software, primarily for Windows machines. The programs are organized by type, and the site includes a brief description of each.

In the comments to my post on do-it-yourself home repair, Dickey45 shared her boyfriend’s recent kitchen remodel. “If you figure hourly wage, it is probably pretty low for how much extra we will get in selling the house. But I figure it is cheap compared to a monthly gym membership or just rotting in front of a TV.” Another reader wrote to share their home improvement blog.

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