If you’ve reached this entry, then you’re at the new home of Get Rich Slowly. This site now has its own server. This should be more than enough room for the foreseeable future. Imagine a childless couple living in a 10,000 square foot house. Sometimes this couple throws large parties, but most of the time the place is rather empty. That’s what the new server is like. (The old server was as if the couple lived in a 500 square foot apartment and had a party every night.)

Anyhow, I’ve taken this opportunity to tweak things a little. Please let me know if you spot anything broken, or if the site is just too ugly to bear.

Addendum: If you’re experiencing goofy sidebars (or anything else), please drop me a line to let me know which browser (and version) you’re using and which operating system. A screenshot would be nice, too, but only if it’s easy for you to do.

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