I get a lot of requests to write about “green” personal finance. I intend to cover the subject during next month’s Blog Action Day, but if you’re looking for tips before then, be sure to check out the current issue of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. The October 2007 edition arrived in my mailbox over the weekend, and it’s devoted exclusively to environmentally-friendly choices, with articles about:

  • Carbon offsets — What are they? How do they work? Are they worth the hassle?
  • Green investing — Kiplinger’s examines eco-investing from several angles, looking for green companies that are also solid investments.
  • Alternative energy mutual funds, including an interview with the two men who created the first.
  • Solar energy — What’s it like to install solar panels on your house? The magazine talks to one person who did so.
  • Choosing green cars and other green products.

At least one article is already online. Jane Bennett Clark writes about 29 ways to save and conserve — at the same time. She’s created a list of 13 tips to trim energy use and 16 steps to stop wasting water.

If green is your thing, you’ll want to find a copy of this issue. Your local library is sure to have it.

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