Does your income vary from paycheck-to-paycheck? This can make it difficult to plan your spending, but Aaron dropped a line with a trick he’s developed to adhere to a budget:

Here’s a financial hack I use because my income is so irregular. It would work as a budgeting tool for regular folks too:

I get my commission checks put into an online banking account and set up automatic deposits into my “real” checking account to pay bills and living expenses. This is great because once you figure out how much you need to live on, you can just pay yourself that amount. The rest of your income is just extra and earns interest until you allocate it elsewhere. It is easier to save money and be frugal if you never think you have a ton of money coming in.

Like many money hacks, this one is a simple mind game. But that’s what makes it neat. I like any trick we can use to fool ourselves into making smart choices.

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