Folks, I don’t like this new layout. It’s ugly. There are too many ads. It doesn’t feel like home. Unless there’s some surprise outburst of popular support, I’m going to revert to the old Get Rich Slowly layout over the weekend (which may mean you’ll have to reload, reload, reload to get it to display correctly again). Someday, when I’ve paid off my debt, I actually plan to pay for a professional custom blog design, but that’s several months in the future. Meanwhile, here are some great personal finance stories from around the web:

Nicole at Dollars & Sense Education recently completed a five-part primer on saving for retirement. This is a fine introduction for people beginning to explore this subject. [Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.]

Last year I posted a brief entry about how to obtain your free credit report. My notes were okay, but Nicole Gustas at Mahalo has put together the best set of instructions on how to get a free credit report that I’ve ever seen. Admittedly it’s not complicated, but if you’re at all daunted by the process, bookmark this guide. (See also: past GRS articles on the anatomy of a credit score and proper care and feeding of your credit score.)

Wise Bread has a guide to spotting counterfeit money. Not sure when I would ever remember use this info, but it’s still fun to know.

Finally, while I was procrastinating by reading LifeClever this evening, I found an article by John Wesley about how to procrastinate more productively. Wesley advocates structured procrastination: “Rather than doing nothing at all, take care of business that normally gets forgotten. This is a great way to deal with mundane chores. Use your desire to avoid real work to force yourself to work harder at something else!”

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