Here are some articles I’ve had open in browser tabs for the past couple of days:

London Telegraph: 50 Myths About Money
“Most myths are harmless, but some are potentially dangerous: believe them and you could end up out of pocket.” Some of the myths explored:

  • I’m too young for a pension.
  • Blue chip stocks are low risk.
  • The more credit cards you apply for, the better your credit rating.
  • I’m too young for life insurance.

Some of these are U.K.-specific, but there’s plenty of good money advice here.

The Motley Fool: The Cost of Going Organic
“If the prices at my local Safeway are used as a measuring stick, you have to be downright rich to afford an all-organic diet. But it’s not just the wealthiest among us who crave food free from pesticides or like the idea of fewer steps from field to table. What about average-income consumers who would like to buy organic but haven’t quite figured out how to do it on a real-life budget?”

Newsweek: Payday Loans Can Be a Trap
“In a phone interview, [a former employee] spoke of a customer who had paid $8,000 on a repeating $375 loan. ‘That made the picture clear to me,’ he said. He quit.”

The Frugal Law Student: DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar
“[I] saw the cutest Halloween Countdown Calendar last year in the Pottery Barn Catalog. But I’m sure many people, including myself, were not willing to fork over $60.00… I made [my own]. It is a little time consuming, but so worth the effort when it’s done.”