Wow. Kris and I slept in until 9:43 this morning! That hasn’t happened in years. I almost didn’t get my fantasy football lineup altered in time. I’ve spent the last hour-and-a-half lounging in bed, catching up on other personal finance sites. Here are some of the articles I found:

  • At The Simple Dollar, Trent asks, “How can a frugal person buy expensive items?” I think Trent does a great job of differentiating between cheap and frugal. I agree that being cheap is often more expensive than paying for quality. It can be a difficult line to walk, of course. I’ve begun shopping for new living-room furniture, which is forcing me to wrestle with these sorts of questions.
  • Unclutterer has instructions for creating an inventory of your permanent storage. This is something that Kris and I have been telling ourselves we need to do for years. I’ve bookmarked this article for future reference.
  • A lot of people have begun to worry that the U.S. economy is in a tailspin. For you folks, Jim has some suggestions for what to do during a recession.
  • At Free Money Finance, FMF writes that starting your own business is a good way to get rich. I’ve said this many times: increasing your income is one of the best ways to improve your personal finances.
  • JLP wonders if equity harvesting is a good idea. What’s equity harvesting? It’s a way of taking equity out of your house to place in another financial vehicle (in this case, life insurance). This sort of stuff sets off my alarm bells.
  • Dumb Little Man has advice on how to work 9-to-5 and enjoy it. I think this is a great list. I’ve had jobs I’ve loved before, and they usually possessed many qualities on this list.
  • Nickel has a look at 2008 IRA contribution limits.
  • At Consumerism Commentary, Flexo warns that many Do-Not-Call list entries are about to expire. Apparently registering for this list only prevents tele-marketers from calling you for five years. If, like me, you signed up when the list first became active, your phone number will soon become public again.
  • NCN writes about his emergency fund: how he set it up, how it’s changed, and what form it takes now.
  • Writing at MSN Money, Liz Pulliam Weston looks at what it really takes to retire at 50. Many people I know — including myself — would like to retire young. For most of us, that’s a pipe-dream. But Weston looks at how this dream can actually come true. (She also has a piece on real-life stories of people who have retired early.)
  • Finally, at Freelance Switch, Leo explains how to continually sharpen your skills.

Now that I’ve caught up on other blogs, it’s time to start writing some articles for this one!

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