I’ve read several fascinating articles lately, but don’t have the time to cover them in greater detail. Each of these is highly recommended.

>> Genius Types: The Best Deal I’ve Made Yet
Last weekend I was researching entrepreneurship and passive income when I stumbled upon this story about gumball machines, eBay, and an unexpected fortune. I don’t know anything about the bulk candy business, but after reading this story, I’d like to learn more. (If anyone has first-hand experience, please share.)

>> Oprah: The Cure for Self-Consciousness
Anne forwarded this piece from O, The Oprah Magazine earlier today. “This article reminded me of this post,” she wrote. I know what you’re thinking: “Oprah?” I was thinking that, too. Turns out I love the article:

In the beam of imaginary spotlights, many of us suffer untold shame and create smaller, weaker, less zestful lives than we deserve. Terrified that the neighbors might gossip, the critics might sneer, the love letter might fall into the hands of evil bloggers, we never even allow our minds to explore what our hearts may be calling us to do.

If, like me, you sometimes suffer from debilitating self-consciousness, you must read this article.

>> Author Views: Overcoming Underearning
I’ll soon be reviewing Barbara Stanny’s latest book, Overcoming Underearning. Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt highlighting 10 traits of underearners. I thought this was interesting in relation to our recent discussion about minimum wage. After reading this excerpt, I also think that we’re all underearners to a degree. I certainly am.

Finally, here’s a chance for Get Rich Slowly readers to do some good. Regular GRS-reader Stephanie Collins has been named a finalist for The Blogging Scholarship, a $10,000 award that could have a huge impact on her life. The first rounds were an application process, but the final winner will be chosen by popular vote. After you read about the finalists, you can cast your vote without any sort of registration. I’m voting for Stephanie!

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