I hate flying. Not only am I scared of the actual air travel (yes, really), but I don’t like the crowds and, especially, the cost. Flying during the holiday season is a special class of hell. One Get Rich Slowly reader recently forward this handy travel calendar from Hotwire.com:

If you must travel over the holiday season, your best bet is to stick close to the green dates. Flights are cheaper and less crowded. The red dates should be avoided, if possible. (Yellow dates feature large crowds, but moderate prices.) The reader who sent this info also wrote:

My favorite piece of advice is to travel on the day of a holiday, particularly if you are traveling East to West or it’s only a short distance. I’ve made Christmas dinner that way before now. Also, with Christmas falling on a Tuesday this year, people could save money by traveling on Christmas Eve which is usually an expensive day. More people will likely make a long weekend of it and travel before Christmas Eve this year.

Our flight to London and back in July killed any desire I had to fly elsewhere else this year. Maybe we’ll go see Kris’ family for Christmas 2008. (I’ve never used Hotwire, by the way. How does it compare to other travel sites?)

Calendar image reprinted with permission.

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