I’ve finally begun reading your feedback on how to improve Get Rich Slowly. To my surprise, most of you actually like the daily roundups. I’d been steering away from them because I thought they were unpopular. Posting links several times a week would also give me a chance to highlight some lesser-known sites. I’ll work on making these a more regular feature again.

First up today, congrats to Trent at The Simple Dollar on the one-year anniversary of re-launching his site. I don’t mention Trent’s blog as often as I should. He and I share similar backgrounds, similar philosophies, and similar goals. I enjoyed his piece on the ten most important things I’ve learned about money and life in the past year. It’s spot-on.

At Being Frugal, Lynnae asks, “When does frugal become cheap?” She’s put together a list of common scenarios and asks her readers which choices cross the line. I agree with her conclusion: “The bottom line is, when your frugality begins to impact other people in a negative way, it becomes cheap. ”

Finally, although this seems completely unrelated to personal finance, it’s not. Bad news from cancer researchers today: “Put down the bacon! Report emphasizes cancer-fat links.” Some of this we already knew, but these stats frighten me:

Every 1.7 ounces of processed meat consumed per day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 21%. “This is a wakeup call for people who eat hot dogs or pepperoni pizza regularly,” Collins says. “They need to be looking for other alternatives. But you can still occasionally have a hot dog.”

Although I know better, I’m still a processed meat kind of guy. I’ve been working to fine-tune my diet lately. This just gives me added incentive.