I succumbed to upgrade fever today, and purchased a copy of the latest Macintosh operating system, code-named Leopard. No problem, right? Wrong. Barely ten minutes into the install on my laptop, the machine hung. I’m now sitting in the local Apple Store, installing the upgrade under supervision from the Genius Bar. That gives me plenty of time to browse for other personal finance stories from around the web!

  • Starting in the Get Rich Slowly discussion forums, one single mom is looking for thoughts and opinions on her career. She has a job she loves, but the pay is a little low. Should she stick it out?
  • The Baglady tells us the story of her super cheap ex-boyfriend. For all of you who have complained about the frugal mindset, here’s a good example of somebody who goes too far. “Looking back, I am pretty glad that I broke up with him because if I married him I would have had no wedding and right now I would probably be living with his parents and eating 50 cent spaghetti.”
  • Adbusters, one of my favorite anti-establishment magazines, is currently featuring an article about The Empire of Debt. This piece is a little too doom and gloom for me, but still makes for interesting reading.
  • Finally, USA Today has a new warning that scammers continue to find new ways to bilk consumers. Nobody thinks they’re stupid enough to fall for a scam. Yet scammers make more money off their dupes every year. This article explores some of the latest forms of online thievery.

Because I’m spending my evening at the local mall instead of ensconced in my easy chair, Friday morning’s “ask the readers” feature will actually be posted Friday afternoon. Assuming the OS installation finishes without a hitch.

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