The Oregon rain is taking a break, which means Kris and I spent several hours today in the yard today chipping yard debris. I remember when we first saw this house. “I love all the mature trees and shrubs,” I said. HA! If only I knew how much work they entailed. Here are some of the highlights from the Money Blog Network over the past week:

  • Flexo at Consumerism Commentary warns that you should always be prepared for unexpected job loss. This article really hit home. I’m preparing to make the leap to full-time writer, and Flexo’s piece helped me examine my priorities.
  • Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity wonders, “Why do people sign up for Netflix?” Because it’s convenient? Because it has a great selection? Because it saves them money? Kris and I have been using Netflix for four years, and we love it! Jim would rather pick up movies for a buck at the local supermarket.
  • NCN at No Credit Needed is creating a financial notebook for people to download and modify. His hope is that it others can use it to get out of debt. NCN has just posted the second page, which is a list of monthly expenses.
  • At All Financial Matters, JLP explains how to calculate taxes if you live in the U.S.
  • On Thursday, I experienced a crisis when I thought I’d messed up my computer while upgrading the operating system. The problem was a damaged DVD. When I returned to the Apple Store that sold it to me, they weren’t particularly apologetic. The Mighty Bargain Hunter, on the other hand, recently encountered an example of smart customer care at a fast-food place!
  • Free Money Finance has some thoughts about whether it’s okay to lie about your salary in a job interview.
  • Nickel has begun to look for long-term disability insurance, and has some thoughts on the process.

I’m now resting my weary muscles, chatting via IM with friends, and watching the Oregon Ducks, who lead Arizona State 35-16 with 10:01 left in the fourth quarter. Go Ducks!

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