One of the top requests from Get Rich Slowly readers is more robust comments. “It’d be nice if I could edit the comment I just left,” is a common refrain. Your wish is my command. I’ve installed a plugin that will allow readers to make changes for up to 15 minutes after posting. (I can increase that time limit, if needed.) In order to install this, I had to remove the “star ratings” plugin.

I’ve also tried to install a plugin that would allow for threaded comments, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything. In theory, it’s supposed to let you reply to other comments in a post, so that we get “nested” discussions. I think this would be handy, but it doesn’t matter if the plugin doesn’t work.

Finally, I’ve made a minor tweak in order to highlight my comments in a thread. They’ll now appear with a pale grey background.

I’ve been making other little tweaks all weekend: I’ve removed all text link ads, I’m making cosmetic changes to the sidebar, etc. I considered installing a plugin that would allow users to rate other commenters, but decided it wasn’t appropriate.

If you have other feature requests, please let me know! (And feel free to help me test the new comments plugin by leaving a comment and then editing it.)