The Real Life Survival GuideBruce Barber of The Real Life Survival Guide chatted with me about budgets and spending plans last week. This 7-1/2 minute interview will air Sunday on WNPR, Connecticut Public Radio, but you can listen to it now. While you’re there, take a look around. Bruce has some other great interviews, including this conversation about “bargains” with Edgar Dworsky of Consumer World.

In other news, David sent me an article about the subjectivity of wine. Turns out there isn’t any universal agreement on what makes a quality wine — it’s a matter of opinion. What’s more, taste is greatly influenced by other inputs, such as the shape of the bottle and the color of the wine. Surprised? I’m not. This sounds exactly like the marketing studies that Malcolm Gladwell explored in Blink.

Finally, at CNN Money Janice Revell has a piece about why the Fed’s rate cut should scare you. She writes: “If you’re saving for a retirement decades away, Thursday’s big drop in the stock market shouldn’t worry you too much. But something did happen this week that you can’t afford to ignore: the Federal Reserve’s rate cut. The Fed’s actions could very well be ushering in a new era of inflation — and that is horrible news for your retirement portfolio.” Inflation is a topic we personal finance bloggers rarely mention, yet it’s vital to understand.

Bonus: A couple people have suggested that I borrow a page from Trent‘s book and begin highlighting past posts at Get Rich Slowly when I do a round-up. I like this idea. Today I’ll point you to a September 2006 interview I did for the Money Blogger Podcast.

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