One of the most popular topics at Get Rich Slowly is how to eat well for less. It’s not enough to only consider cost without also considering nutritional value — you could eat fast food every day, but it wouldn’t be healthy. Past articles on the subject include:

But while I explore this subject several times a year, Kris at Cheap Healthy Good writes about it every day. Here’s an abridged version of her mission statement:

Back in the olden days of yore (2005), I was pretty convinced that moderately-priced healthy food didn’t exist and couldn’t be made, at least by me. A few cooking lessons and serious amounts of foodie blog research helped. But what helped most of all was being honest-to-god ready for change.

As it turns out, peaches go on sale at the supermarket for $0.69. Rice is insanely inexpensive, even moreso at the local ethnic grocers. And that roasted eggplant spread? I can make it myself for two bucks, rather than buy it at the deli for six. Realizing and taking advantage of all this was a huge step, but there are tons more to go.

In the end, that’s what this blog is about: change. Yes, it focuses largely on making delicious eats at a reasonable cost, but mostly it’s a journey — to break old habits, discover new ones, and be a better person.

As you’d expect, Cheap Healthy Good features plenty of recipes, including vast compendiums of cheap healthy beef recipes and cheap healthy pork recipes. At the moment, this recipe for old-fashioned chicken noodle soup sounds mighty tempting. Just the thing for a cold autumn evening. (The chili-spiced potatoes look good, too.)

Cheap Healthy Good offers other kitchen information as well. Just yesterday, Kris began her ultimate guide to kitchen equipment (which will be continued next week). She’s written about:

Kris has a strong voice and a winning sense of humor. And the result of her frugal food obsession? She recently paid off her college loans. Outstanding! Cheap Healthy Good looks is a keeper — I’ve added the feed to my daily reads.

In the past I’ve reviewed other sites devoted to cheap food:

Sometimes I wish I didn’t love food so much. If I could learn to simply live on beans and rice, I wouldn’t feel the need to start a diet blog!

[Cheap Healthy Good]

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