My first two “Ads I Hate” posts seem to have struck a nerve (1, 2). You folks really hate the consumerist mentality these ads promote. From the e-mail and comments I received, it seems that you especially loathe the “Life takes VISA” ad campaign.

Nick pointed me to this ad featuring the New Orleans Saints:

I think the point of is pretty clear: all the hip folks use VISA, and only the outdated preppy man uses cash. This next commercial is even worse:

The engine of commerce hums and glows until our Everyman stoops to pay with cash. His action clogs the gears of progress. Give me a break. I don’t know about your experience, but in my world it’s actually quicker to pay with cash than it is to pay with VISA, regardless of whether I’m using credit or debit.

This demonization of cash is just one reason these are prime examples of ads I hate.

Have you seen an ad that promotes consumerism or poor personal finance? Drop me a line!

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