As always, there’s plenty of good stuff out there about personal finance and personal success. Here are some of my favorite recent articles:

Three Bean Salad shares “How I increased my net worth by $12,000 when I make only $21,000.” The secret? Saving, saving, saving. I love that the author’s #1 change is “looking for additional income streams”. She’s doing some babysitting, she served as a personal chef, and she sold some of her stuff online. Taken together, this has earned her an extra $3675.77 in the past year. Nice.

Because I’d been so busy here, I had fallen out of the habit of reading Ask Metafilter, one of my favorite sites. I’ve been hanging out there more lately, and have my eyes open for money questions like this one: What are your “good”, “ethical”, or “moral” criteria for spending your money? This brings up the old organic vs. local debate, of course, but each of us has different priorities when it comes to spending. Great conversation.

I think continuing education is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. It’s an even better investment when the education is free. Eleanor Chute at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently wrote an article about how to take a course at MIT free — at home. She goes far beyond MIT, though, listing ten sources of free educational material.

Finally, I found this list inspiring: 7 habits of highly innovative people.

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