While my U.S. readers are spending their Thanksgiving holidays eating turkey, watching football, and visiting with family, it’s the perfect time to perform another roundup of personal finance sites from around the world. It’s been ten months since I last updated this list. As usual, if you know of a non-U.S. personal finance site, please let me know.

Some of these are of higher quality than others. I haven’t screened the wheat from the chaff. I do note recommended blogs for those that I’ve read and enjoyed in the past. All of these are written in English unless otherwise noted.


  • Canadian Capitalist — “I used to record down my thoughts and observations and actions about credit cards, loans, investing etc. in a spiral-bound notebook. When I discovered blogging, I thought some of this stuff might be interesting to other people.” Recommended.
  • Canadian Dream: Free at 45 — “Saving to retire by the age of 45. I started this blog because I thought the world could use a bit more coverage on retirement planning than it normally gets in the media.” Recommended.
  • Million Dollar Journey — “I hope to grow my net worth to at least $1 million by the time I’m 35. Is the goal too high? Am I naive? I don’t think so but only time will tell and this blog will be here to keep track along the way.” Recommended.
  • Canadian Financial DIY — “Personal experiences, analysis and assessments of a mid-50s Canadian. I take a do-it-yourself approach, covering taxes, investing, ETFs, portfolio and asset allocation, insurance, annuities and related book reviews in Canada and the UK.”
  • My Money — A big-name Canadian personal finance portal, sponsored by Canadian Business Online.
  • The Dividend Guy Blog — “One guy’s journey to passive income through dividend investing.” I’ve been reading this blog a little lately — I’m fascinated by dividends, and am weighing them vs. index funds.
  • Canadian Financial Stuff — “My essays and points of view and opinions on things to do for home finances.”
  • Canadian Money Blogs Reviewer — “This is a blog that cares and advises you about growing and safeguarding your money: personal finance, investing, consuming, saving, etc.”

Latin America

  • El Blog Salmón — “El Blog Salmón es un weblog colectivo dedicado a la economía, las finanzas y el mundo de la empresa, sin olvidar la economía doméstica.” Or, according to Free Translation: “The Blog Salmon is a collective weblog dedicated to the economy, the finances and the world of the business, without forgetting the home economics. ” Recommended.
  • Dinero.com — Based in Colombia, this is a companion site to a Spanish-language personal finance magazine.

Australia/New Zealand

  • The Bargain Queen — “I’m 28 and I’ve been a dedicated bargain-hunter as long as I can remember. I love beautiful things, but I also like having a balanced budget, zero credit-card debt and some savings as well.” Recommended.
  • Sorted — This is a New Zealand government-sponsored site about saving, budgeting, and other finance topics. Recommended.
  • Pineapple Watch — An Australian finance and investing blog. “[My] goal is to provide you with up to date news, opinions, views, and critique on all different financial issues.”
  • Simple Savings Australia — Recommended by a GRS reader. Most (all?) of the content is “for-pay”, but it looks like there’s a lot here.
  • Cheap as Chips — “A personal finance blog with an Australian spin…. I am just a simple person trying to save a few cents here and there.”
  • Money Minded — “MoneyMinded consists of two adult financial education programs developed to help people build their financial skills, knowledge and confidence. The development of the MoneyMinded programs was initiated and funded by ANZ with contributions from community sector and education experts, including the Australian Financial Counselling and Credit Reform Association.”
  • Finance Viewpoint — “I am just a regular investor trying to make a buck. I have lived and grown up in Australia and for now working in the states. This site provides a way to share my views and keep in touch with the Australian finance scene.”
  • Enough Wealth (also here) — “How much is wealth is enough? How do you get it and keep it? How can you pass it on to future generations? An Aussie’s thoughts on all these topics and more.”
  • Oz Bargain Blog — “Bargain Blog is a blog where I put daily encounter of cheap deals on the Internet, to share with family, friends and complete strangers. The main focus is on the cheap deals in Australia, so please assume that all the monetary values are in Australian currency, unless explicitly stated.”
  • OzBargain — “Share the best Aussie deals.” A mash-up of digg and the Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder for Australia!
  • My Journey to Eliminate Debt — “My goal is to pay my $152,377 mortgage in 5 years: 30th June 2012. I started this blog to stay motivated and I would love to hear from other pf bloggers out there!”
  • Retire Young and Wealthy — “Planning to retire before I lose all of my hair.”
  • Good Returns — A finance blog out of New Zealand.

United Kingdom (and Ireland)

  • Plonkee Money — “I’m Plonkee, I live in England and have absolutely no personal finance qualifications whatsoever, except a little personal experience. I love to write about personal finance, especially thinking about why I and others do things in a certain way — including those times when it’s not exactly the best way.” Recommended.
  • This is Money — A sort of U.K.-based MSN Money. “This is Money’s simple aim is to help you save money and make money in all aspects of your life. We do this through our award-winning news and advice-packed features which can help you fight back against profit-hungry financial companies.” Recommended.
  • Moneywise — I picked up a copy of Moneywise at Victoria Station &mash I thought it was great. This magazine (and web site) offer a great balance of information for people at all levels of money management. Recommended.
  • Money Watch — “Money Watch provides commentary and links to resources on all areas of personal finance, such as investments, savings, mortgages and pensions. [This site] is primarily aimed at a UK audience in their twenties and thirties (a time of life in which one’s finances are important but often neglected), but hopefully there is something to interest everyone.”
  • You and Your Money — This is the official web site for an Irish money magazine. I think this is a great choice if you’re looking for Irish personal finance advice.
  • The Simple Pound — “SimplePound is a blog about personal finance from the perspective of a recent graduate. The recent graduate – you might have guessed – is me. My name is Kirsten, I am 21 years old and about to move to London to start my first job in the City. I am determined not to waste (most of) the money I’m earning but to learn how to make it work for me instead.”
  • Money Saving Expert — “The aim is to help you save money on anything and everything by finding the best deals and beating the system…UK’s most popular independent money site with over two million visits per month.”
  • Simple Savings UK — Recommended by a GRS reader. Most (all?) of the content is “for-pay”, but it looks like there’s a lot here.
  • Cashzilla — “A wee personal-finance site.” This Scottish blog has some interesting articles, and would be recommended except that posts are very infrequent.
  • Moneywell.co.uk — more personal finance advice from a U.K. perspective.


  • Plus Riches — A French money blog, and a good one from the looks of it. I can’t actually read French, so I’m going of the look and feel of the place.
  • Blog sobre finanzes personales — A rare Spanish-language PF blog! And from Spain to boot!
  • Finanzas — Another personal finance blog from Spain.
  • Geldsligkeiten beim Journalistenbüro Stroisch — A German money blog! And if my German were not so rusty, I might be able to tell you a little about what it says.
  • Rob Thomas Blog — A U.K.-based property blog. “If my blog stimulates you to action, makes you a more savvy investor, opens up ideas for new approaches I will have achieved my goal.”
  • Konsumfreiheit — Another German money blog.


  • Moneylando.com — This site is written in Chinese. (It may be based out of Taiwan.) I have no idea the nature of its content, but somebody e-mailed it to me when I asked for foreign-language personal finance sites.

While compiling this list, I also stumbled across Gumtree, which is like craigslist for the rest of the world. Finally, for Americans serving in the armed forces, Money for Military is a daily blog about personal finance, investing, taxes, etc. as they apply to military members.” Cash Money Life also shares stories about “military money“. (Shockingly, I could find no personal finance blogs out of Antarctica!)

That’s all I’ve been able to find since I last posted on this subject. Please, if you know of other sites that should be included in this list, please let me know. Leave a comment with the URL or e-mail me. All relevant suggestions will be added to future updates.

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