I finally have the guest-post situation under control — I’ve created a spreadsheet to track submissions. That means I’m ready to accept new articles from you folks. For example, if you have an interesting money-related Christmas story, or tips to save on the holiday season, please drop me a line. But be aware that for non-topical posts, there’s a about a two-month backlog. I’m not willing to change my once (or twice) a week guest post rotation, except when I’m on vacation.

Here’s a small collection of articles from other sites that I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Blunt Money has a great post about the fear of looking poor: “There are so many opportunities to feel judged…So I wonder, what does the fear of looking poor (or worse, cheap) cost us? Both emotionally and monetarily?” It’s easy to get trapped worrying about what others think of you, which can lead you to make mistakes with your money. Though it can be difficult, it’s important to do what’s best for you, not what might impress other people.
  • Looking for a gift for the money-savvy kid in your life? At The Digerati Life, SVB has created an illustrated guide to cool piggy banks. I love the gobble monsters!
  • I like The Dough Roller’s notion of a Doomsday Fund. This goes beyond the traditional emergency fund — it’s a plan for what might happen if your financial situation turned catastrophic. Mapgirl liked this concept, too, and shared her own Doomsday Fund.
  • Liz Weston has an article at MSN Money profiling 20 ways to make $100 more per month. “If you’ve cut your expenses as far as they’ll go and your gimlet-eyed employer turned down your request for a raise,” she writes, “moonlighting can be the way to make those ends finally meet.” Some of Weston’s suggestions (which are gleaned from readers) include:

    I continue to believe that more people should explore boosting their incomes as a way to improve their financial situation.

Finally, Patrick at Cash Money Life is giving away an iPod. All you have to do is share your 2008 financial resolution at his site.

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