I apologize for the down-time over the past few hours. Things seem to be back to normal. Let’s cross our fingers.

The great part about writing this site is that I’m able to help others work toward their financial goals. I love to share what I learn, and to read what you are doing to achieve your dreams. There’s a good community here, and I’m proud of that.

One down-side is that it takes a lot of processing power to run the site. WordPress — the engine behind this blog — is a resource hog. When I get a burst of traffic, as I did this morning, then bad things can happen. I’ve been trying to scrimp by with just this server, but it’s not really doing the job. As a result, I’ll probably order I have ordered a second server to off-load the database. If I understand correctly, this will greatly reduce the load on the site during high-traffic periods.

Anyhow — I’ve spent all morning pulling my hair out about this. Things look fixed now, and I’m working with my host to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future. But I haven’t managed to get anything written for tomorrow. If there’s another guest post in the morning, don’t be surprised!

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