The United States government has a host of useful web sites. Even the IRS site is informational. I’ve written about various government resources in the past, such as:

Today I discovered another USDA site: The Food Stamp Nutrition Connection. Though ostensibly designed for low-income audiences, this site is probably worth visiting for others interested in healthful eating on a budget. At its core, the Food Stamp Nutrition Connection is a database of cheap, healthy recipes. The recipe finder allows users to search by ingredients, by recipe name, or by topic (such as “eat more fruits and vegetables”).

Recipes include nutrition information and recipe cost (as well as cost per serving). Users may rate recipes and leave reviews. Here are some sample recipes:

This isn’t gourmet food, and the recipe database only contains a few hundred items. But if your goal is cheap and healthy, this could be a fine resource. (If you want a wider selection of recipes, or if you’re not concerned with cost, check out Epicurious.)

[USDA: The Food Stamp Nutrition Connection]

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