As expected, I’m running behind schedule. I’m playing Santa Claus at the box factory — delivering goodies to our best customers — and have social engagements in the evening. I may need to use an extra guest post or two, or perhaps share some of the best posts from my now-defunct Money Hacks site.

Meanwhile, here are some personal finance articles that caught my eye today:

  • Penny Nickel at Money and Values has compiled a list of 14 ways to give more meaning and less stuff during the holiday season. In broad brush strokes: give to fewer people, give to good causes, give better stuff, give non-purchased stuff, and give non-stuff.
  • JLP at All Financial Matters warns that you ought to always question commissioned salesmen. He has some advice for hiring a financial advisor or a mortgage broker.
  • Jeremy at Generation X Finance recently wrote about dealing with the Alternative Minimum Tax. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the AMT this year, but still don’t know much about it. This is a good introduction. I may research a future post on this subject.
  • AGLOCO is dead. Shocking! A pyramid scheme is a pyramid scheme, no matter how you dress it up. Fortunately this one didn’t require any money to participate. Ignore the get rich quick scams and focus on smart personal finance.

As I play Santa, I’m going to be cold. The heater in my car gave out this morning. Fortunately, I now have an emergency fund to cover problems like this — I just don’t have time to get it fixed!

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