Last week I wrote about PriceProtectr, a free site that alerts you when prices fall on items you’ve recently purchased. This allows you to take advantage of “price protection” guarantees. I still haven’t used the site myself, but I’ve received several comments and e-mails from readers who rave about the service. For example, Jennifer wrote:

I read about PriceProtectr on your site last week, and so far have had more than $40 refunded from Amazon in price drops. They even refunded shipping for one item that I had purchased through Amazon but shipped from because it now qualified for the free shipping. This is an amazing savings and that $40 is on purchases totaling just more than $150.

I haven’t tried PriceProtectr yet myself. Maybe I should.

Elsewhere, Trent at The Simple Dollar shared a great post today about the meaning of it all. “The problem for most of us is that we’ve made ourselves a very nice prison cell, with bars constructed of mortgages, student loans, car payments, credit card bills, bad debts, and so on…Every time we make a purchase that doesn’t have real meaning for us, we’ve added another bar to our prison cell.” Thought-provoking stuff.

Finally, at CNN/Money Janice Revell recently analyzed six money dilemmas. Here are the six dilemmas and Revell’s solutions:

  1. Pay off a credit card or fund your 401(k)? (If you have a big credit card balance, take care of it first.
  2. Save in a Roth 401(k) or a regular 401(k)? (Roth, unless you’re near retirement and know your income will drop.)
  3. Lease a car or buy a car? (Buy.)
  4. Prepay your mortgage or invest? (Invest.)
  5. Buy a home or rent? (Buy if you plan to stay put for a few years.)
  6. Take early social security or wait? (Wait, if you’re healthy and don’t need the cash.)

Though Revell offers bottom-line recommendations, she does a good job of presenting both sides of each issue.

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