Kris and I went out for a nice dinner last night to celebrate a wonderful 2007. While we ate she told me, “I was just thinking this morning how happy I am. I have a great life. I love my job, my friends, my marriage, my home.” That, my friends, is true wealth — happiness, and the absence of a need for more.

I’m pretty happy, too. This past year has been amazing. I’m out of debt. I’m making money with my writing. And I seem to have found a way to help other people achieve their goals. I can’t ask for more than that.

To celebrate a great year at Get Rich Slowly, I’ve combed through the statistics and selected the top twelve articles based on traffic. Here, in no particular order, are the most-visited posts of the past year:

High traffic isn’t the only measure of a good article, though. Sometimes good pieces just don’t find an audience. Here are some of those unsung favorites:

I’ve enjoyed writing Get Rich Slowly over the past year. A large part of that is due to you and your contributions. Thank you. I look forward to providing you more personal finance information in the years to come!

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