Kris and I are preparing to ring in the New Year. Before we close out 2007, here are a few links that I’ve been collecting in my mailbox.

First, Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has some suggestions for getting your finances on track in 2008. Among his tips: take advantage of higher IRA limits, focus on high-interest debt, and automate your bills and savings. Look for my own tips later this week.

Lifehacker recently published an overview of how to organize your money in 2008 with Wesabe, a web-based personal finance tool (my November 2006 review). You can get a feel for how Wesabe works by watching this introductory video:

Next, Vintek sent me another article that supports the assertion that it doesn’t pay to time the market. Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Jonathan Burton reports:

Market timing is not only difficult, it’s overrated. A recent Schwab Center study shows that someone who invested in the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index as soon as possible after receiving a chunk of money performed almost as well over the long haul as someone who timed the market perfectly.

Finally, GRS-reader Bruce just wrote about how he prepares for a big change. In his case, he’s trying to decide when and how to retire. But he believes his methods can be applied to those who are planning for college, marriage, or other big life changes.

That’s a wrap for 2007. Be safe, everybody. I’ll see you in 2008.

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