Another J.D. wrote to alert me that Get Rich Slowly has been nominated in three categories at the Performancing Awards 2007 Reader’s Choice Poll:

I’m honored to be included, but would find it difficult to vote for myself in the best business/money blog category — all of the nominees are great! Meanwhile, here’s some more personal finance info I’ve found recently…

Last year I mentioned the Death and Taxes poster, a visual guide to how your U.S. Federal tax dollars are spent. The 2008 edition is now available. You can order a copy, or you can simply browse the online version to see how Washington allocates your money. This is good.

The Mighty Bargain Hunter has been engaging in a prolonged meditation about the value of time. Certain personal finance books — including the classic Your Money or Your Life — discuss the concept of trading your “life energy” for dollars. But how much is your time actually worth? Is it really possible to equate the two? Is one more valuable than the other? I love discussions like this.

Finally, Dave sent me a short video entitled “Investing tips for 16 to 25-year-olds”:

The advice here is sound. It’s the same stuff you hear me saying all the time: establish an emergency fund, and then use dollar-cost averaging to make regular purchases of indexed mutual funds. Start this early, and you can build some real wealth.

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