It’s been a while since I mentioned Ask Metafilter, one of my favorite web sites. Metafilter members (it costs $5 to join) can ask questions of the group, and then other users do their best to provide helpful answers. Recent examples include:

Naturally, many people have questions about money.

Earlier today, an anonymous user wrote, “I want to start being more financially responsible. My husband doesn’t want to hear it. Can I do this without hurting our marriage? How?” This sounds like a difficult situation. How can you help a person who refuses to even talk about a problem?

Another user recently asked about unauthorized withdrawals. “My boyfriend is a frugal person, and keeps a very close eye on his finances. Last night he told me he was alarmed to find that he had a lot less money in the bank than he thought he did. Today, he checked his bank statement and discovered two unauthorized withdrawals, one for $200, one for $400. … What steps can he take immediately to protect his account, since someone clearly has his information and is taking his money? What can he do to recover the money that has already been taken?”

Ask Metafilter is a fantastic resource. Before I started GRS, it was my favorite place to hang out on the web. Speaking of favorite hangouts, here are two money stories from sites I read regularly:

Benjamin Franklin is one of my heroes. In the past, I’ve written about his general financial advice, and shared his advice for a young tradesman.

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