Despite training a new box salesman all day and maintaining Get Rich Slowly all night, I recently found time to participate in a couple of e-mail interviews. First, I took part in Alex Shalman’s Happiness Project, in which selected bloggers answered questions about the nature of happiness. Other participants include:

I’m honored that Alex chose to include my overly verbose response in his survey. I also recently answered questions from Dan at Maciverse. I’m a long-time Apple user, and so was happy to discuss the role of Macintosh computers in my life.

Here are a few other links of interest:

  • Although I am a Macintosh fanboy, I admit that Apple’s prices are generally rather high. No wonder I am sorely tempted to build this $350 Macintosh. In fact, it’s beyond “sorely tempted”. When I was doing computer consulting, I built tons of PCs. I always dreamed of building a Mac. Now I can.
  • At The Digerati Life, SVB recently shared twelve effective ways to afford big-ticket items. As important as it is to save on the little things in everyday life, it’s even more important to take care when making large purchases. If you make a mistake when buying a book, you’re out a couple bucks. If you make a mistake when buying a house, you could lose thousands.
  • Finally, eBay is making some changes to its ratings system, and the Mighty Bargain Hunter is worried. Starting in May, buyers will only be able to receive positive feedback. MBH does a lot of selling on eBay (it’s a great way to earn extra income), and he’s concerned that these changes will make it more difficult for honest sellers.

I am very, very tired, and looking for a some early bed-times and late mornings this weekend.