Browsing through a collection of old bookmarks recently, I stumbled upon Word2Word Language Resources. Word2Word is a collection of links to free language tools around the web:

This site is dedicated to breaking down of language barriers and assisting the users who have the desire to learn a language, a need to communicate between languages, and for those who work with languages as a profession.

Don’t let the interface fool you — there’s a lot of stuff here. Each section contains dozens (sometimes hundreds) of links to online resources. You can find:

The site also links to trivia like:

Word2Word is a treasure trove of language links. It doesn’t actually host any of these resources; it’s merely a central database linking to the available tools. But what a collection of tools! The site could be fantastic, but it’s hampered by a lousy interface. From what I can gather, Word2Word began operation in 1996. I’m willing to bet it hasn’t been redesigned since. Still, if you work with a foreign language on a regular basis, it’s worth bookmarking.