Want a free book from financial guru Suze Orman? Until 8pm Eastern on the evening of February 14th, the Oprah Winfrey site is giving away a free PDF version of Orman’s latest book, Women & Money. To find the download, scroll to the bottom of this page. The book is available in both English and Spanish editions. (Thanks, Anne!)

If you want something a bit more romantic than a personal finance book today, check out Xin Lu’s article at Wise Bread: “Cheap and romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day (and any other day of the year)”. My favorite suggestion? “Do something that your partner likes to do but you do not necessarily appreciate…Doing something you normally would not do for the sake of your mate can be very romantic.”

Since writing about early retirement resources last Friday, I’ve spent some time hanging out at the early retirement forums. They’re great. My colleagues at FIRE Finance recently compiled their own list of resources for early retirement planning. Like me, they recommend Bob Clyatt’s book, Work Less, Live More: The Way to Semi-Retirement. They list many other books, forums, and web sites for those interested in the subject.

Finally, here’s an article that just might help our household save money. Kris and I have four cats. We do what we can to keep the expenses down, but they still cost us several hundred dollars a year. Thus I was pleased to find an article about how to save money on cats at The Way of Cats. Note that most some of the info here is also applicable to dogs.

Simon is a very friendly boy…

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