I’ve spent a lot of money over the past few days. Most of it has been for business (I’m finally turning my home office into an actual office), but still…it’s not as fun as it used to be. There was a time that spending would give me a rush, even if I were buying on credit. Every purchase I make now causes me a little pain. I’ll be happy when this is finished. Have I become a tightwad?

Here are some recent interesting posts from other tightwads around the web:

“First time homebuyers, think for yourselves!” admonishes Lynnae in a guest post at Five Cent Nickel. “If you’re a new buyer, do your research. Don’t blindly trust the ‘experts’. [...] It’s always wise to figure out what’s best for your financial situation on your own, rather than trust someone else to do it for you.” Excellent advice.

Elsewhere, Mrs. Micah has created the The Finwikian, a wiki devoted to personal finance topics and blogs. I’ve been considering something like this for the past year, but since Mrs. Micah has taken the initiative, I can let that idea go and point you all in her direction instead!

Finally, Richmomma has a story about bartering more, spending less, and saving useful stuff. I love to hear about people who barter their products and services — it’s a great way to exchange value with people in your community. But lately I’ve been having a hard time reconciling my urge for frugality (and saving things) with my urge to purge (and get rid of clutter).

Oh yeah — one final purchase I need to make is a laser printer. It’s not going to be used for high volume, and it doesn’t need to print color. I just need something Mac-compatible that won’t print pages that run in the rain. Any recommendations?

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