Full-time blogging has already paid off! I finally found time to begin editing the stack of guest posts I’ve received over the past few months. There’s some great stuff here, but there’s too much of it. (I still have articles that were submitted in October!)

In an effort to get caught up, I’m devoting this entire week to submissions from your fellow Get Rich Slowly readers. While I continue to work behind the scenes, you’ll be exposed to a variety of different viewpoints and ideas. (Remember: I don’t necessarily agree with every guest author — these articles are a chance to be exposed to other views about personal finance.) For now, here are some other stories from around the web:

First, Joe Consumer explains how retailers trick you into buying crap you don’t need (and how to fight back). We covered a lot of this info in my review of Why We Buy, but that was two years ago, and it never hurts to review.

Kris, acting as my executive secretary, recently booked a business flight to San Francisco for me. It was frustrating for her to find a low fare, though she eventually succeeded. It might have been helpful if she’d first seen AU Interactive’s advice on how to get the cheapest flight every single time.

Finally, at Free Money Finance there’s been an ongoing discussion about whether or not it’s possible to escape poverty. (And if so, how easy it is to do.) Most recently, FMF posted some real-life examples of how poor people can get ahead financially. I’m of two minds on this. I firmly believe that most people in the U.S. can improve their situation through hard work and a positive attitude. However, there’s no question that some people have been left behind. I’m not aware of a solution any more than you are, but I do think it’s important that the discussion continues.

Remember: Although the posts this week will all be from guest authors, I’m still working behind the scenes to bring you more great articles about personal finance.

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