Robert Kiyosaki is perhaps the best-selling personal finance author of the last decade. His Rich Dad, Poor Dad was one of the books that spurred me to take control of my own personal financs. However, Kiyosaki has many vocal critics, some of whom have valid complaints. His ideas are unconventional and controversial.

Kiyosaki has agreed (in principle) to participate in an e-mail interview with me. I’d love to use questions from readers. I intend for this interview to be informative and constructive, not investigative, so I’m not going to pass along confrontational questions. If you have something you’d like to know about Kiyosaki and his methods, now’s a great chance to ask.

While we gather questions, how about a few links to other sites?

First up, GRS-reader rhbee from Finance is Fun has some thoughts on the current real estate market. After the turmoil of the past few years, he notes, those who followed the tenets of smart personal finance are in a position to take advantage of the decline in housing prices:

These are the ones who lived within their means.  They spent less, worked at earning more.  They set aside emergency funds and put their extra cash into index funds.  When they did buy a house, it was with the traditional mortgage.

Meanwhile, No Impact Man has a story about conspicuous unconsumption, making a show out of not buying into consumer culture. Colin writes, “I like to think that when any of us UNconsumes conspicuously, it helps motivate and give permission to other people, too.”

Unclutterer posted a great article on saying farewell to a hobby. Hobbies can be excellent pastimes, and some can even make you money. But they can also be money sinks or, eventually, simply a source of clutter in your life. Just this morning I gathered all my photography equipment together; I haven’t used it in a year. It’s time for me to decide what my plans are.

Finally, Free Money Finance shared how to have half a million dollars at retirement by controlling wedding costs. “Half a million?” you might ask. “How is that possible?” Through the power of compound returns, naturally. Everyone wants a nice wedding, but if you take the time to control costs, you can give yourself a head-start in life.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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