Yikes! Allergies! I came home from marathon training today to work in the yard. But the moment I began to mow the lawn, I was floored by a terrible sneezing attack and a drippy nose. I took some Claritin, but it didn’t really help. Instead, I spent a warm afternoon in utter misery, doing my best to complete our outside chores before the Oregon rain returns. We did get our berry canes tied up, though, and that’s most important. Half an hour of work now means weeks of fresh blackberries and raspberries later in the summer.

When I came inside to escape the pollen (from the magnolia next door? I’m not sure…), I browsed the web reading interesting personal finance stories like these:

First, I’ve been debating the need for a safe deposit box. Do people actually us these? Jean Chatzky at MSN Money has an article from 2004 about why you might want to use a safe deposit box, and what to put in it. I worry that there’s a huge barrier to trying to store important documents away from home. I think I’d rather purchase a fire-retardant safe. But is that even necessary?

At Wise Bread, Lynn Truong writes about how to save $0.54 per gallon on gasoline. It’s been a long time since I covered fuel efficiency tips, but Truong’s advice is always near the top of the list: slow down. Most of us know this already, but old habits die hard.

Finally, Frugal Dad has been trying to teach his 8-year-old daughter about compounding. He’s only using pennies to illustrate the concept, but she seems to have clued in that there’s something magic going on there. (If you’re trying to teach your children about money, I highly recommend Growing Money: A Complete Investing Guide for Kids [my review].)

Now it’s time to pull the picnic table out of the garage for the season! (It lives outside from April 15th to October 15th.)

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