Congrats to my colleagues JLP and Jonathan. The latest issue of Money magazine named JLP’s All Financial Matters as the most sensible money blog, writing, “In a scary market, his sober posts on index investing, asset allocation and sticking to your guns are strangely comforting.”

Jonathan’s My Money Blog was dubbed the most voyeuristic money blog: “This blogger, a 29-year-old IT engineer in California who prefers to remain nameless, aims to be a millionaire by 45 — and he’s showing us every success and stumble along the way.”

I’m honored that Get Rich Slowly was named most inspiring money blog. Money writes that the “smart, can-do postings are stuffed with helpful resources and contagious enthusiasm about the joys of financial freedom.” I do my best!

Here are some other personal finance blogs that are doing fine work:

First up is a guide to saving and investing in the United Kingdom. Saving for retirement is one of the best things you can do to build wealth. I’ve written my own guide to Roth IRAs for readers in the U.S., and in a recent guest post Frugal Trader shared the basics of RRSPs, Canada’s Registered Retirement Savings Plans. Now at her site, Plonkee has put together a guide to Stocks and Shares ISAs for readers in the U.K.

A few weeks ago, Harrison sent me an article from, where Bambi Holzer offers 5 tips you should know about inheritance. This probably seems like a strange topic to cover, but the article is short and worth reading. Remember: estate planning is one of those topics everybody should incorporate into their personal finances.

Finally, Trent at The Simple Dollar recently examined how important fuel-efficiency is when purchasing a car. He takes one reader’s situation and runs the numbers to see whether it makes sense to replace a 2004 Ford Expedition with a new Toyota Prius.

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