Tomorrow I’ll be giving a short presentation about personal finance to a group of seniors at Western Oregon University. I’ll begin by providing a brief version of my own post-college financial failures, but I want to spend most of the talk providing two or three great take-aways that these young adults can put to use as they enter the “real world”.

I’ve considered discussing the dangers of lifestyle inflation and the value of goals, but maybe these are too abstract. Ramit suggested I provide a handful of actionable ways to maintain sound personal finances. (Opening a high-yield account, asking for fees to be waived, saving for a goal, etc.)

If you’re in college, what sort of personal finance information do you wish you had right now? What are you curious about? What are the things you want to know how to do (or how to avoid) once you’re out of school?

If, like me, you left school long ago, what do you wish you had known about money? What knowledge would have helped you when you were starting out in life? If you could give your younger self just two or three pieces of financial advice, what would they be?

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