I’ve received several questions about credit cards recently, and have been struggling with how to handle them. When I started Get Rich Slowly two years ago, I was firmly in the anti-credit card camp. I still believe credit cards are dangerous, but now recognize that they can be cool tools if used responsibly. (“Credit cards don’t buy crap — people buy crap.”) But am I really ready to write a post about the best rewards credit cards, as Howard wants me to do? I don’t know.

What do you think? Would you like to see more information about responsible credit card use? Or would you rather I maintained my current policy of “credit card silence”?

For example, Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity recently posted a list of credit card offers, in which he shares those accounts currently offering sign-up bonuses of $50 or more. Do you find lists like this useful?

In other, non-credit card related news, the Mighty Bargain Hunter posted an interesting Earth Day rant. “I’m firmly convinced that we won’t do nearly enough to save this planet unless we have absolutely no other choice,” writes MBH. “Because being green is inconvenient and expensive, and we like things easy and cheap.” This reminds me of our discussion last week of the ecology of commerce.

Over at Ask Metafilter, one users wonders, “Did you receive any financial education in school?” The answers are interesting. Most respondents had no financial education. At my high school, seniors were required to take one semester of personal finance, but the class was lame. The instructor was lame. All I remember learning is how to write a check, and how the Federal Reserve operated. They should have taught us compounding!

Finally, SVB from The Digerati Life crows that “saving money is in!” Quoting from several mainstream articles (including a piece that I’m in the process of summarizing for GRS), SVB explores the shift to frugal living, listing several techniques to make the adjustment from lavish lifestyle to sensible spending.

I’m out the door now. Time for me to head south for my lecture to college seniors on the importance of personal finance. Wish me luck!

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