The best part about running this site is reading stories from readers who have managed to take control of their finances and kick debt to the curb. Some people share their success in the comments, but many people e-mail me privately to celebrate. For example, Jodi wrote on Friday to say that after more than a year of focused intensity, she and her husband are debt-free:

Before we were introduced to Dave Ramsey in December of ’06, we didn’t think that our financial situation was that bad.  We had a little bit of credit card debt (from lack of an emergency fund), a car loan, and student loans.  No big deal right?  Until you add it up and realize that you have $23,000 of debt on a $39,000 yearly salary.

So we went crazy and paid it off… in 16 months.

How?  We got on a budget, and then my husband took on (a lot of) extra work while I kept things going on the home front. I am amazed and shocked that we could do it so fast!  It took a lot of sacrifice and doing without, but it was worth it to have our first Debt-Free Budget Talk for the month of May. 

I want to encourage others to keep it up and kick debt out for good! Now on to the emergency fund!

That’s awesome news, Jodi. I paid off $35,000 in 38 months. Jodi paid off $23,000 in 16 months. Goals like these are achievable if you’re willing to make some sacrifices. Start with small moves and gradually increase your ambitions as you get the hang of saving and investing. Set goals, work hard, and kick ass!

This is the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series that profiles the financial victories of Get Rich Slowly readers.

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