You guys have been awesome, sending all sorts of story suggestions and questions about personal finance. Unfortunately, I cannot possibly reply to every e-mail I receive. Get Rich Slowly is a one-man show, and I’m swamped. I hope to get some sort of autoresponder set up for common questions, but until then, please be assured that I read your e-mail, even if I don’t reply.

If you have a question that must have an answer, I highly recommend posting in the Get Rich Slowly discussion forum.

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Best of the Forums
The Get Rich Slowly discussion forums were active again this month, spawning a number of great threads:

The forums are a great place to chat with your fellow readers. Have questions about emergency funds? Ask! Want to chat about cheap vacations? This is the place to do it. (Since opening a year ago, the forums have 1650 registered users and over 20,000 posts.)

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