Remember my fender-bender with a rental car back in March? All of the paperwork finally went through and my insurance — both from the credit card and my normal automobile policy — will cover everything without me having to pay a dime. My insurance premium didn’t even increase (though it still may this autumn).

However, this whole process has been a colossal pain in the ass. It’s been such a bother that I may actually consider taking out the agency’s insurance next time I rent a car. Unfrugal? Perhaps. But a fellow’s got to figure his time is worth something.

Here are some personal finance stories from around the web:

While doing research for an upcoming article on grocery shopping, I found an old post at Wise Bread that offers tips for perimeter perusing at Target. Apparently Target stores have a regular system for putting stuff on sale. Savvy shoppers have deciphered the “code”, and know how to find secret deals. Linsey Knerl shares what she knows.

Eric recently pointed me to Retirement Revolution, a PBS segment on the history and future of retirement saving. I haven’t had time to watch this yet — did anyone else get a chance to see it?

Finally, Melinda submitted a site called Rather Be Shopping. She writes: “With the ridiculous gas costs, I am doing a lot more shopping online and found this site to have good coupons for free shipping and dollar-off deals. Plus, Kyle’s blog is hilarious and informative.” Ha! I’m amused because Kyle uses the same “frugality in practice” title headings that I do…

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