Tiffany wrote with a quick energy-saving tip:

I hang up my wet clothes inside during the day to let them dry. When I get home from work, I put them in the dryer for about five minutes to get rid of the wrinkles.  I don’t have a clothesline, but this works just as well.

I’m not familiar with hanging clothes to dry indoors, but I like the idea. Kris and I have actually begun experimenting with hanging our clothes outside. We had a failed attempt earlier in the year (line was too long, and it rains in Oregon). But now Kris has created a makeshift clothesline running from the maple tree to the raspberry arbor:

I’d like to install something more permanent. Some of our neighbors have real clotheslines, and maybe someday we will too. Fortunately, the internet is full of advice, so when the time comes to build one, it’ll be easy to do.

Here are some resources about air-drying clothes:

Not everyone likes a clothesline. For them, Tiffany’s indoor drying tip could be a great alternative.

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