I keep finding articles for these link roundups that are worthy of entire posts. The trouble is: they’re not the sort of thing I usually write about. For example, I recently discovered an essay from 1945 about the economics of a POW camp. It’s great stuff. But it doesn’t have anything to do with balancing your checkbook.

I’m going to take a chance that you’ll find this stuff interesting, too. I’ll share a couple of these articles in the next few weeks. As an example of the sort of thing I mean, Take a look at this piece:

I Hate Debt has an elaborate history of debt in America. This is far more interesting than it ought to be, especially the list of panics, crashes, and depressions. Though I’m posting this for you to read now, I’ll also probably write up a short summary to share in the next week.

In a more traditional vein, JLP at All Financial Matters recently had some fun trying to decide how cheaply can you brown-bag your lunch? He read a recent Wall Street Journal article that concluded lunch from a deli costs about $10 a day, but taking lunch from home only costs about $5 a day. Five bucks?!? JLP says he can do better than that!

Finally, Eric sent me an ESPN story about how professional athletes find their trust tested when they become business partners with teammates. Eric writes: “Although we many of us are far removed from the lifestyles of rich athletes, this article brings a lot of perspective to the notion of talking to friends about money, investing, and lessons learned trying to make a quick buck.” This is a great article.

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