In Wednesday’s links roundup, I mentioned a long article on the history of debt in America. Rian dropped me an e-mail to say that he liked the essay, too, but found a way to make it more accessible:

I have been in contact with the author of the long article about the history of debt in America that you posted recently. I cooked up a PDF version because I like to read long articles offline, and he has agreed to let me post it. He will also be posting it himself when he gets the time to do so. I’ve made it available, with permission, for public consumption.

I, too, prefer to read long articles on paper. Thanks to Rian’s work (and the work of Tom, the original author), I now have the 21-page document sitting on my nightstand. Peeking at the final page, I was struck by the following passage:

Money, again, is important but it is not the determining factor in true wealth. So when you get in debt make a plan to get out and stick to it. Let go of your past mistakes. Forgive yourself and forgive others who may have played a part in your debt.


Build your true wealth from the inside out. Be true to yourself and help others when you can. Learn to enjoy the experiences that come freely with life, embrace the people and natural beauty that surrounds you. When you do you will find that money takes it proper place. It will ebb and flow but the true wealth that is you is eternal.

I’ll consume the entire document over the next few evenings. Call me geeky, but I love reading about the history of money.

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