It’s been months since I did any public housekeeping. I have several items that could use some feedback, however. Now’s a good time to discuss them.

Feed transition
First of all, my RSS feed is in the process of being moved from the old Feedburner site to the new Google-based Feedburner site. There may be some glitches during this process. The subscriber number may swing wildly. (I’ve seen 51,000 and 62,000 today, and right now it doesn’t show at all.)

There may be trouble with the e-mail newsletter. Some bloggers report 150 copies of their e-mail being sent out this morning. My subscribers saw zero copies in their inboxes. I’d rather have the zero than the 150. Things should settle down as the team at Google works the glitches out of the system.

Public relations
I used to share a lot of cool tools and sites I found as I poked around the internet reading about money. I’ve done that less in the past few months, largely because I’m inundated with e-mail from public relations firms pimping their articles and applications. I’m reluctant to post about something that I first heard about via a PR e-mail. It feels too close to selling content (which I choose not to do).

On the other hand, some of these look genuinely useful. Should I refrain from mentioning Qvisory simply because two PR people contacted me? I’m beginning to believe it doesn’t matter how I hear about cool money stuff — I should share it with you, anyhow. What do you think?

(On a side note: I just about died when a PR person contacted me today to give me info about the company I worked for in the story about the worst job I ever had. Uh, no thanks.)

Repeat material
I’ve mostly tried to refrain from covering topics that I’ve explored in the past. There are several articles about buying a new car in the archives, for example. However, most of these articles are months (or years) old. Get Rich Slowly has seen a lot of new readers since then, and most of them haven’t gone back through to look at the old articles.

It’s time to cover some of these topics again, and to do so, I’ll reuse certain key passages from old posts. (Why reinvent the wheel, right?) In an article about buying a new car, I might reuse a bullet-point list, for example, updating it with new information. If you have suggestions on how to approach “repeat” material, I’d love to hear them.

The sidebar
I haven’t monkeyed with the sidebar in nearly a year. It’s woefully out of date. I plan to make some changes to it soon, and I welcome your feedback. Are there features you’d like to see? Features you want removed? How many of you ever use the “recent comments” to track ongoing discussions? How would you feel about a weekly poll?

Guest posts
I’ve has a number of people write lately asking for my policy on guest posts. I’m happy to consider all submissions. I tend to post guest articles on “Wednesdays and weekends”. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I try to share two items from other writers every week.

If you have something to share about personal finance or productivity, feel free to send it to me. But please be warned I’m becoming much choosier lately. Guest posts must be well-written and informative. I’ve actually begun to reject submissions that will require too much editing on my part.

(Also, if you have favorite guest posts or guest authors from the past, please let me know. If there are some clear favorites, I’ll ask them if they’d like to contribute again.)

Reader requests
This seems like a good time to ask for reader requests, too. Are there topics you’d like to see covered? Topics you’re tired of hearing about? For example, one reader yesterday mentioned that my focus has been too much on rural stuff lately and not enough on city stuff. Excellent point, and one I’ll try to consider over the next few weeks.

Would you like to see more “ask the readers” columns? How do you feel about the current posting pace (which has remained essentially unchanged for eighteen months)? More daily links (or “twice weekly links”, as the case may be)? Fewer? More book reviews? Contests?

Also, I’ve had some people mention that the articles seem to be getting longer, and they’d prefer shorter posts. Thoughts?

Thanks, as always, to all the Get Rich Slowly readers. You folks are awesome. The discussions around here never cease to amaze me. I’ve learned a lot over the past two years, not just from my reading, but from your stories and advice. This site would not be what it is without your contributions. Thank you.

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