I met with my accountant today to review the Get Rich Slowly business finances. Things are going well, but there are lots of little details that I need to work on. I’m a writer, not a bookkeeper, so some of this stuff is like Greek to me. I’m fortunate to have an accountant I trust. (“I trust him more than I trust myself,” I told somebody yesterday.) I feel like he’s looking out for my best interests.

Though I may not be good with QuickBooks, I know good personal finance stories when I see them. Here are some I’ve enjoyed recently:

In our recent discussion about how to win the lottery, commenter Starving Artist pointed to an old episode of the NPR program This American Life. In “Nice Work If You Can Get It“, we hear several stories of sudden fame, quick riches, and the downside of the dream job. The show covers NASA astronauts, the “PC Guy” from the Macintosh commercials, and the horrible life of lottery winners, the majority of whom wish they’d never won. This is great stuff.

The Mighty Bargain Hunter urges his readers to feverishly pursue their financial goals. “It’s in the good times that we might do well to save with more urgency,” he writes, and I agree. The best way to cope with an emergency is to prepare in advance. Set financial goals and work toward them. Knowing why you’re earning money makes doing the right thing easier.

Next, Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a peek a the monetary density of things. This is pure silliness, but I like it.

Several readers sent me a recent Slate article from Farhad Manjoo. Last week, I pointed to Manjoo’s piece on how to save money on printer supplies. This time he shares how to get an unbelievable, amazing, fantastic, thrilling deal on new eyeglasses. The secret? Buy them online.

Finally, The Art of Manliness offered the first of three-part series on “man killers” by looking at the dark side of money. Greed, jealousy, and lifestyle inflation can all drive a person to financial ruin. Instead, we should be careful, be generous, and be thankful.

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