Want to know a little more about me and my financial philosophy? Check out an interview I did recently with Carrie and Danielle. Carrie and Danielle are all about “style statements”, defining who you are in order to give your life clearer direction. In this interview, I discuss goals, wealth, and inspiration.

I also got to provide their daily question this morning: If you suddenly inherited $10,000, what would you do with it? My answer is very boring and very practical. What’s yours?

While you’re thinking about money, here are a few other stories from around the web:

First, many GRS readers (including my wife) disliked last week’s post about a few ways to raise cash quickly. The Frugal Wench did more than just complain, though — she came up with a list of realistic ways for real people to get cash fast. Her advice is grounded in reality and experience, and not just for those with big bank accounts.

No Credit Needed recently posted an illustrated guide to debt reduction. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. These diagrams describe visually just how the debt snowball (and similar methods) work.

Regular GRS commenter A. Dawn has been exploring the concept of outsourcing your life. He’s made a list of resources for those interested in hiring somebody to take care of certain parts of life. (I could really use someone to answer my e-mail, for example.)

Finally, Joe pointed me to the results of a recent Harvard study about indulgence and regret. This study, published in the Journal of Marketing Research is aimed at marketers needing to convince consumers to buy their luxury goods. But you can use this knowledge to avoid being duped. Or, ideally, to find balance between enjoying life now and enjoying life later.

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