I had a great time last night, and it only cost me eleven bucks. A friend asked if I wanted to join him to watch the Portland Timbers, our local minor-league soccer team. “Sure,” I said, though I wasn’t expecting much. We sat with the rowdy die-hards behind one goal, and I had a great time soaking up the enthusiasm and listening to their raunchy cheers and songs.

I’ll remember that evening more than I would if I’d spent $11 to see a movie! I feel like I got some real value for my money, which is what frugality is all about. Speaking of frugality:

Follow your frugal bliss!” admonishes Carrie Kirby at Wise Bread. Don’t believe that you have to heed every frugal tip you read. Pick and choose the stuff that fits your personality and your lifestyle. Strive to save money whenever you can, but don’t make it a chore. (Kris and I love to grow our own food, for example, so we make that a priority.)

Meanwhile, CNN has a story about secret spending. Author Diane Mapes explores what happens when people keep their spending secret from their partners. This reminds me of our discussion earlier today about spending addiction.

At Zen Habits recently, guest poster Paul Michael asked, “Is our addiction to low prices destroying the real America?” Are we so focused on saving a buck at the grocery store that we’re putting the local produce stand out of business? Is it so important to us to save five cents a gallon on gasoline that we no longer go to the local service station? Does supporting local mom-and-pop operations even matter? Just how important is it to get the lowest price? Thought-provoking stuff.

Finally, here’s a 2006 profile of the gentleman grafter from Vanity Fair magazine. “By night, Joe Ades dines with his fourth wife at exclusive restaurants, sips Veuve Clicquot at the Pierre, and goes home to a three-bedroom Park Avenue apartment.” By day, he sells vegetable peelers on the streets of New York. How can you make any money selling something for a few bucks? “You sell a lot, that’s how.”

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