This week has been amazing. Since removing World of Warcraft from my computer (and making a couple of other similar changes in my life), I’ve been tackling my responsibilities with a fervor. It’s almost like I’m a grown-up! I’ve been exercising, eating right (mostly), and, best of all, I’ve been writing all day, every day. It’s fantastic.

Sometimes the best way to do the right thing is to actually choose the right thing.

While I’m slaving away on future articles for Get Rich Slowly, here are some interesting stories from around the web:

First, how sad is it that I have to discover a fine thread from the Get Rich Slowly forums via another web site? I was getting caught up at Pocketmint, when I read Karawynn’s post about the conflict between parental generosity and financial limits. Turns out she was inspired to share her story because of this GRS forum thread filled with similar anecdotes.

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary has considered quitting his day job to blog full time, but he’s worried about how to deal with unpredictable income. This was one of my big worries, too. My solution was to focus on frugality, build my emergency fund, and expect the low end of the monthly income fluctuations. (That way a good month is like a bonus instead of a bad month being a disaster.)

At Business Week, Roben Farzad complains that American savers have drawn the short straw. The author notes that by doing everything you were supposed to do, the economy has rewarded you with low savings yields, high inflation, and other woe. Unfortunately, Farzad doesn’t have any solutions, and neither do I. I just cling to the belief that sensible money management will pay off in the long term, and the knowledge that non-savers are struggling even more in this economy.

Finally, Trent at The Simple Dollar has some advice about finding an auto mechanic that you trust. I always take my car to the dealership. I’ve never been too unhappy, but I wouldn’t say I trust them. Kris, on the other hand, has been using the same mechanic for a decade. Hmmm…maybe I should switch.

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